The Summit
a Kingdom Citizens Youth Empowerment, Inc. program

A LOT - Your community needs you! Learn how to identify an area of need in your community and commit to addressing it with your gifts and talents. 

BIRD BOX - Intergenerational Relay Race 

BORN SINNER - This is a youth-led panel discussion about conquering one's sinful nature in order to live a successful life.

GIRLS NEED LOVE (Girls Only) - What is virtue and how does one manifest virtue in adverse environments/circumstances? 

ISSUES - What is mental health and how does one maintain good mental hygiene? Learn how to combat destructive thoughts about yourself and others.

IT - Learn how to develop a personal style unique to your assignment in life.

OLD TOWN ROAD (Parents Only) - Have you been wondering how to have hard conversations with your child? Gain tools that will help you to create a "safe space" in your parent-child relationship.

RICCH FOREVER - Learn how to get money honestly, keep it coming in, and use it wisely.

RULE THE WORLD - Discover the characteristics of a good leader.

SPACE CADET (Boys Only) - Discover strategies to grow and further develop outstanding character traits. 

THREAT 2 SOCIETY​ - How does one prepare for a successful college career?

TODAY - What are the top five skills that will make you employable OR be your own boss?
On the road to becoming...